The Money Education (ME) Center educates Aggie students about money so that they can make smarter financial decisions and ultimately achieve their financial goals. 

The ME Center makes Money Education possible at Texas A&M through Presentations, Advising, Online Resources, Campus Engagement, and Research & Analysis.

PresentationsScheduled Presentations, Classroom Presentations, Student Group Presentations, and Resource Tables are offered to educate students on a wide variety of money topics.

AdvisingScheduled Appointments are offered to allow students the opportunity to speak privately and confidentially with a Money Education advisor or a Peer Advisor about their personal finances. Walk-In Advising is also provided in the Money Education Center's lobby Money-Friday, 8am-5pm.

Online Resources – Through Online Resources such as SALTTM, Financial Literacy 101, and more, students are given the opportunity to educate themselves about money at their leisure and in the comfort of their own homes.

Campus Engagement – By partnering with faculty, staff, academic departments, service departments, and more, the ME Center is engaging the campus in order to make Money Education a campus-wide movement with a lasting impact for our students.

Research & Analysis – Through researching personal finance issues and analysis of pertinent financial information (such as student loan debt trends), the ME Center is able to provide relevant and critical information to administration and the students it serves.

Our services are intended for educational purposes only. All financial decisions made by our customers are their own and are not the responsibility of the Money Education Center.