Testimonials for the Money Education Center
“I was in your AGEC 235 class my last semester in college, and I just want to say how helpful it has been for me in real world. I recently purchased a new car using your tactics, I am investing in my future using your 401(k) and savings methods, and I have even used the tools you provided us in class to help myself out. I appreciate you and your help (even without you trying to help) and I am very happy that I took your class, by far the most helpful class in college. I hope this semester’s class is as awesome as mine one last semester!”
- Jackson A, University Studies-Business

“I wanted to highlight the exceptional advising done in Money Education by Nick Kilmer this afternoon. I went in to ask about general student loan information, and for someone like me who had absolutely no previous knowledge regarding loans, he was extremely helpful and proficient on explaining the process. I really appreciated how caring he was and how he took the time to look at every possible option and used personal examples and experiences to help assess any of my future decision regarding loans.”
- Gabriela A, Political Science Student
"The Money Education Center is the most valuable resource available on campus. Whether you are experienced with personal finance or just starting to learn more; the team will work with you to educate, advise and help you meet your goals. I can't thank them enough for all of guidance they have given me."
- Nathan B, Engineering Graduate Student
“The Money Education Center is a fantastic place for students to gain insight about finances and financial planning regardless of their level of familiarity with the topic. Staff members are friendly and genuinely care about each student that walks into their office. Advisors want to learn about each student they work with and will tailor the advice they offer to help students meet their individual goals. The best part about the Money Education Center is that students can go there for free! This is an opportunity I'm glad I didn't pass up and I hope other students will take advantage of it too."
- Emanuel Q, Engineering Student

“The Money Education Center has done a wonderful job helping me prepare for the future and has taught me a lot about how to use my money.”
-Frances H, Nursing Student 

"Thank you for all the help you provided me! I'm sure that I'll be using the tools you showed me on how to calculate after-tax income and resources for comparing car prices for years to come! No one ever really sits down to teach you how you should budget or make a large purchase, they teach you how they make those decisions. Having expert help and advice made me feel much more confident about my future spending."
 -Alex E, Engineering Student
Testimonials for the Foundations of Money Education Course AGEC 235 (Formerly AGEC 489)
 “This course was so beneficial for me in many ways and made me realize how much there is to learn about money education. As the oldest child, I don't really have anyone that teaches me in depth about these things other than my parents to some extent. I feel every college student should have the opportunity to take this class and learn everything there is from budgeting, buying a house and car, taxes, retirement, etc. Thank you so much Mr. Kilmer for teaching this class and making it fun!”
- Guadalupe R, General Studies Student
“I just wanted to say one more time how much I enjoyed the course.  I have only been at A&M for one semester but it is my favorite class I have taken yet.  It is nice to have a class where everything you learn is useful in life and is very easy to make a good grade in as long as you do your work and show up.  I hope this class has a lot of success in the future and that it keeps the small classroom feel where it can be a very personal discussion if needed. I would sign up again if I could and will recommend it to all of my friends.”
- Glinn W, Agricultural Economics Student
“I wanted to thank you for teaching one of the most impactful classes I have taken here at Texas A&M. Going into my senior year, I knew that there was so much about money and personal finance that I did not know and it added to the stress of what my life would look like post-graduation. When I saw the opportunity to take this class, I was excited and relieved. The knowledge, strategies, and good finance practices that I learned in this class will last a lifetime. You've been an amazing instructor. Your passion for teaching financial literacy shined through every class and I appreciate it. I now have the knowledge and courage to share what I've learned from you with my family and friends.”
- Sade H, Economics Student
“I feel much better about my finances than I did at the beginning of the semester, and I'm now confident in my ability to handle future major financial decisions. I think personal finances aren't well understood by college students, and that this class will have a huge impact on the students of Texas A&M in the future.”
- Austin I, Sport Management Student
“AGEC 489 is by far the most beneficial course I have taken. It teaches students vital information about managing money in order to succeed in the future. It also teaches them important skills in car buying, home buying, and investing. It stresses the importance of budgeting your money so that you may reach your future goals. After taking this course, I am much more confident in knowing what I need to do in order to succeed financially in life. If you are contemplating on whether or not to take this course, please take it. I can guarantee you will not regret it!”
- Brent R, Kinesiology Student
“I just wanted to let you know that this was my favorite class this semester; honestly this was my favorite class I've taken in college, and this was my 5th semester of college. I truly learned so much from you. To me, it did not seem like this was your first time to teach this class because you were always so organized and the course went so smoothly. Don't change anything!”
- Brenna S, Environmental Studies Student
“You have been the best prof in the world! You care so much about your students and it shows and I have absolutely loved your entire course.”
- Jordan M, Agricultural Economics Student

“There were so many things I learned in Professor Kilmer’s class; some of the few things I learned were how to purchase a vehicle, a home, and how to build my credit. Before taking the Money Education class I really didn’t know how to save money nor had much knowledge on credit cards (although I had one). Besides teaching you the basics of money and credit he goes into depth about your financial goals for the instant future and the years to come, gives you a detailed plan on how you should approach every financial decision, and gives insight on how to approach certain big time financial decisions such as buying a home/car, etc. With confidence I can say that whoever takes the Money Education course will definitely enjoy it. Professor Kilmer is someone who knows the criteria and can explain it as if you were five. I enjoyed the course and even better I enjoyed having Professor Kilmer as our professor. He truly cares about you and your future.”
- Alex B, University Studies Global Arts, Planning, Design & Construction Student

“I think it is very great that you and those at the Money Education Center have put together this course and just know it is very beneficial. I was nervous because going into the real world, I did not feel prepared whatsoever financially, however, now I feel less nervous and more prepared. It is also very interesting and your passion for it has actually persuaded me into looking into the minor in financial planning.”
- Alyssa C, Community Health Student
“Thank you very much for speaking with the graduating class about loan repayment options.  Your presentation was excellent and very informative.  I greatly appreciate your willingness to speak with them, answering their questions and the time it took for you to put together your presentation.”
Dr. Gregory Sawyer, Assistant Dean of Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy
“The Money Education Center has had a powerful impact on our program. Their knowledge, willingness to share and enthusiasm has positively affected our students. We are so thankful to have the MEC contribute to our program.”
Dr. Karen Cornell, Associate Dean for the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences