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R.O.I. for M.E. at Texas A&M

Through Research, One-on-One Advising, and Instruction (ROI) for Money Education (ME), we can help you make the most return on your investment at Texas A&M.

We can teach you about the following topics, so that you can make the best financial decisions for your future. To learn more, select a topic below.

Money Management
Eating on a Budget
Saving & Banking
Credit Cards & Credit Scores
Identity Theft
Graduating: Now What?
Student Loan Repayment
Love & Money
Buying a Car
Buying a Home

Our services are available for all current and former students, staff, and faculty. 

COVID-19 Update

Beginning March 23, the Money Education Center will be physically closed, but advising and presentations will continue to be provided virtually via Zoom. For assistance, please email